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Here is a brief explanation of some of the items recyclable at Robert Wallick Associates. 


If what you want to recycle isn't listed, please call us, 407-656-5060, and we'll let you know if we accept it!

Non-Ferrous Metals: Any metal, including alloys, that does not contain iron. An easy test is if a magnet sticks to it, we do not accept it.  The exception is steel screws, etc.

Paper/Cardboard:  The most common use for paper is writing and printing, however, it is also used for packaging.  Cardboard is used for shipping, packaging household items, etc.  We do not accept wax cardboard, such as orange juice containers.

Plastic:  A wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic solids that are moldable.  Household items are made of various types of plastic.  Due to the extensive combinations of plastic, we are limited as to what we accept.  The items must be triple rinsed and sorted by the recycling symbol stamped on it.

Electronics:  Various electronics, such as computers, laptops/tablets, network systems and UPS's are recyclable at our facility.

Miscellaneous:  This includes electric motors, aluminum transmissions and lead-filled batteries.

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