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How may cans are in a pound?

25 - 30

What plastics do you accept?

Currently, we accept HDPE (#2), LDPE film (#4), PP (#5) and EPS aka Styrofoam

What kind of paper do you accept?

Any kind, as long it does not have any coating

Do I get paid for my recyclables?

The majority of recyclables have a cash value

What makes copper #1 or #2?

#1 copper is clean tubing without solder; #2 copper has solder and/or corrosion; bare brite copper is stripped wire without any insulation/plastic casing

Do you accept all kinds of batteries?

No, only lead-filled batteries

What does non-ferrous mean?

Non-ferrous means it does not contain any iron and a magnet will not stick to it

How much can I bring in at a time?

Any amount

Are there any special requirements?

All non-ferrous metals, other than aluminum cans, require a valid, US identification and come in a motorized vehicle.  Items must be sorted by type.  Plastic bottles/jugs MUST be rinsed and dry.

Do you accept glass?

No, please contact your local city or county sanitation department

Where are you located?

531 Susan B Britt Court, Winter Garden, FL  34787

Do you accept wire with plastic on it?

Yes, we accept aluminum and copper wire

Do you accept tires?


Do you accept computers and cell phones?


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