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A family-owned business since 1976, Robert Wallick Associates first began recycling newspaper in a fruit packing plant and today is a leading supplier of recycled materials to major markets around the globe.

Keeping abreast of the latest technology, as well as continually adding to their long list of accepted recyclables, is what keeps Robert Wallick Associates in the forefront in an ever growing and continually changing business.  With keeping 'green' we live by the philosophy that 'What benefits the Wallick Family, benefits everyone'.

Our company buys, prepares and ships numerous recyclables to users worldwide.  We specialize in cardboard (OCC), non-ferrous metals, office paper, certain plastics and some electronics.

We service a broad range of recyclers from individual consumers at our drive-thru buying station to major corporations such as Coca Cola, Amerisource Bergen and Loews Hotels.  We make recycling available to everyone, at every level.

We encourage family members and employees to be involved in our community.  We support many local organizations, including BPOE, Russell Home for Atypical Children and the Jimmy Crabtree Cancer Fund.


What makes RWA unique is our Drive Thru.  We pride ourselves on the ease, speed and safety of our 'curb service' approach to accepting recyclables.  Our drive thru was designed to keep our customers safe from injury, as well as sheltered from changing weather.  We can accommodate any size vehicle and the smallest hand-carried bag; to heavy weights requiring a forklift.  What our customers like most is we pay CASH on the spot.  However, due to current laws, some transactions must be paid by check.  Monthly accounts can be set up for commercial customers or charity organizations.

To accommodate working individuals, we offer Saturday hours, in addition to our Monday-Friday hours.  On Saturdays, our outdoor scale is not open.

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